CONS Cosmetic Concealer
CONS Cosmetic Concealer
CONS Cosmetic Concealer
CONS Cosmetic Concealer

CONS Conceal & Heal
Salicylic & Bisabolol

With a blend of spot-busting salicylic acid and bisabolol, CONS helps treat your blemishes while hiding them. High coverage and buildable, CONS quickly reduces redness while tackling congestion. Formulated with thyme essential oil and plant-based lipids to soothe your skin, life doesn’t have to go on hold when you get a spot.

  • Face, fair skin.  
    Directions 1. Do a patch test by applying a fingertip amount to your wrist. Use as instructed if no adverse reaction occurs within 24 hours.

    2. Gently apply a fingertip amount onto blemished areas. For extra coverage, apply two layers.
  • 60 - 120 day supply, $4-7/month
  • 0.35 fl.oz (10 ml)
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OH1% Alpha-BisabololSource: Matricaria Chamomilla

Alpha-bisabolol is a chamomile-derived soothing anti-irritant. Proven to reduce cytokine production, it helps reduce redness by ~20% (2014 Mauya).

salicylic O OH OH 2% Salicylic AcidSource: Salix Alba

Uniquely lipid-soluble, the keratolytic effects of willow tree-derived beta-hydroxy acid help loosen keratin in hair follicles. This can prevent blemishes from forming and help maintain the skin's acidic pH of 5.5 (2010 Seilder).

thyme OH 0.3% Thyme OilSource: Thymus Vulgaris

Thyme oil contains thymol, a compound that is highly effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria believed to cause blemishes. At our low use level, it won’t irritate your skin (2010 Zu).

Acne regimen

1. Use Benzoil to get your acne under control, once under control switch to Night, keeping Benzoil as an occasional spot treatment.

2. Cleanse morning and evening using CLNS.

3. Cover & heal blemishes using CONS.



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