SKIN BY POM has a simple goal:  Create the world's most effective over-the-counter solutions to skin disease.

To do so we've developed a range of synergistic topical formulas, which, combined with holistic, actionable advice based on peer-reviewed studies, present what we believe is the most effective and side-effect free solution to most skin conditions. We spend very little on advertising and marketing and with a low overhead, we reinvest almost all the profit made back into research.

We're collaborating with a handful of skincare professionals, notably Dr Angela Hunt, a naturopathic doctor who sees a lot of patients with skin issues that are not helped by conventional drugs. 


Johan Aardal, Founder & Molecular Biologist
Phone: +1-800-840-2508 Mon - Fri, 8 AM to NOON PST
Mailing Address: The Skincare Company, Inc, 340 S LEMON AVE #3880 WALNUT, CA 91789


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