Benzoil 1.0
Spot Treatment
3% Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoil 1.0
Spot Treatment
3% Benzoyl Peroxide

Banish blemishes in 12 hours with our fast-acting spot treatment. Benzoil’s blend of 3% Patented Micro Milled Benzoyl Peroxide clears acne, while organic alcohol helps it tame inflammatory lesions 30% fasterCombined with bacteria-killing 2% organic tea tree oil and soothing castor oil, Benzoil is as gentle as it is effective.

  • Face & Body.  
    Directions - Do not use if you have very sensitive skin.
    - Avoid contact with eyes, lips, mouth and dyed fabrics.
    - If your skin gets irritated, try using it less frequently or in a lower concentration. Stop if irritation becomes severe.
    - Keep out of reach of children, if swallowed, get medical help.

    1. Apply sparingly to a small affected area the first 3 days. If no discomfort occurs, follow the instructions.
    2. Clean the skin thoroughly.
    3. Gently massage a thin layer into affected areas 1-2 times daily, starting with 1 application pr day.
    4. If going outside, use sunscreen. You can also use a moisturizer on top to prevent excessive drying.

    See Drug Facts on the retail box for more detailed instructions.
  • 75 day supply, $8/month (4 pumps/day)
  • 2 fl.oz (60 ml), pH 4
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Great product!

I love this product, i use this in combination with the face wash and both have really helped with breakouts. I use this as a spot treatment at night and it makes a huge difference, pimples are greatly reduced or completely gone.

Glad you like it! The goal was indeed to make a spot treatment that works as quickly as possible, think we're one of the best in that regard.
Skincare essential

This Benzoil peroxide product is part of my regular routine, I’m on my second bottle now. I use it as a spot treatment and every other day I use one pump as an all over face treatment. I currently have no active acne so I would consider that a win. My favorite part about this product is that it doesn’t have many other ingredients that could potentially clog pores.

Thanks for the review Nicole, that's a clever way to use Benzoil! See we're in good company too, how does it work compared to the Curology formula?
Allergic reaction

A nightmare !! Itching from the first application (despite I put a very small amount !). Then my face turned red with little itching spots! It took 10 days to get over it!

Hi Nesrine! As I wrote you directly: Sorry you had a bad response, allergic reactions are rare but do happen - part of the reason why both the bottle and the box say to patch test on the wrist before first use. I've refunded your order, and if you're interested I could send you another formula for free, Night might work better for you. Best Regards, Johan
Excellent Product

I have had severe cystic acne since I was 14 and still have it at age 28. This is the only acne treatment that works without drying my skin out. They say to only use it as spot treatment, but I use 6 squirts a day for my whole face since I had more severe acne. Because of this, my bottle runs out quite frequently, but I don't mind because it works. It also smells nice.

Thanks for the feedback, we aim to make a bigger 4 oz version in the future!


benzoil-science-300x300px Improved Skin Penetration Micro Milled Benzoyl Peroxide Skin Pore Regular Benzoyl Peroxide Skin Pore

We use benzoyl peroxide with 45x smaller particles. This enables it to penetrate the skin on a deeper level, increasing efficacy and tolerability.
3% benzoyl peroxide is proven to be as effective as 10%, but with less irritation (1986 Mills).

benzoil-science-300x300px Alcohol makes it work faster Reduction in inflammatoty acne (1 week) 67% 50% Alcohol basedWater based

Used sparingly, alcohol is not drying or damaging to the skin (2008 Lachenmeier). It helps heal inflammatory acne 30% faster (1986 Fyrand), which is a key feature in a spot treatment. Alcohol doubles as a natural preservative.

benzoil-science-300x300px Tea Tree Oil aids long term effect 48% -2% Reduction in inflammatoty acne (6.5 weeks) Tea Tree OilPlacebo

Tea Tree Oil has been used on blemished skin for decades. In 1990, it was demonstrated to be nearly as effective as benzoyl peroxide, but since it works more slowly, a combination of the two ingredients is preferable (1990 Bassett).

Acne regimen

1. Use Benzoil to get your acne under control, once under control switch to Night, keeping Benzoil as an occasional spot treatment.

2. Cleanse morning and evening using CLNS.

3. Cover & heal blemishes using CONS.



We disclose all functional ingredient concentrations and use 3rd party labs for verification.


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