CLNS - $20 Clearing Cleanser
Lactic Acid & Sea Salt

CLNS - $20 Clearing Cleanser
Lactic Acid & Sea Salt

Our mild, coconut-derived cleanser effectively dissolves dirt and excess oil to reveal soft, hydrated skin. Its blend of sea salt and lactic acid provides gentle exfoliation and stops the growth of acne-causing bacteria. By stimulating ceramide synthesis, it strengthens the skin’s barrier, helping it retain more moisture. Organic green tea acts as an antioxidant, giving CLNS its signature lime tint.

  • Face & body.  
    Directions 1. Gently massage into wet skin and wash off with warm water twice daily. Use a wash cloth for extra exfoliation, leave on 1 minute for deeper cleansing.

    2. Pat dry the skin with a towel before applying other products.

    Not for removing heavy makeup. Expect visible results in 2 weeks.
  • 120 day supply, $5/month (4 pumps/day)
  • 8 fl.oz (240 ml), pH 3.5
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Continues to Be My Favorite Skincare Product.

I have been using this product for 7 months along with the Benziol Peroxide for acne control. My acne is now almost non-existent and my skin is healthier than it has been in years. My husband also uses the Cleanser (he does not have acne) and has also seen significant improvement of his skin's overall health. The pricing for these products has been consistent (and is very affordable for me). The shipments have always arrived on-time and/or I am alerted well in advance if there were expected delays. I really love these products and the way this company conducts their business.

Completely transforms my acne prone skin (face and body)

I have struggled with acne my entire life, but since discovering this cleanser I am 100% break-out free and my skin is healthy and perfectly smooth. This cleanser taught me to maintain my skin's barrier with gentle, supportive cleansers and products instead of the stripping, drying, extracting...approach I had always thought was necessary for my problem skin. Now my skin is balanced and will stay clear even if I skip a few washes because it is just in a completely healthy state. I am also not dependent on any other products after washing since this cleanser leaves my skin clean but not stripped, which greatly simplifies my routine. A little goes a long way so these large bottles last me for months and I use on my body as well as face. Thank you for this amazing product.

Gentle and effective

After years of using a leading acne line, I discovered this brand and found that acne products do not need to be harsh, either physically or chemically. This cleanser feels so good! It gently exfoliates without the plastic beads and strong perfumes of other products.


This is one of the very few face products that I've used the whole thing and bought another one. I will probably always use this cleanser. It's wonderful! I had severe adult / hormonal acne on my jawline that was just awful. I was looking for something more natural that worked without all the harmful chemicals that cause havoc on my hormones in the first place! Found this, and after reading the reviews gave it a shot. I'm so glad I did! Whole line is great! I do the oil cleansing method to remove makeup, then use this to wash away the remaining traces and in the morning.


Artboard 1Cleanser pH 5.5Soap pH 10Acne reduction (4 weeks) 2%40%23%-5%Irritation rate (4 weeks)Soap vs Cleansers for Acne

Low pH cleansers reduce acne, while soap increases acne. Non-inflammatory acne decreased 11% in the cleanser group. The study concludes that soap is irritating and should be avoided for facial cleansing (1995 Korting).

Artboard 2Acne Bacteria growth vs pHP.Acnes growth in a cultured dishGrowth (24 hours)pH4.

Acne-causing bacteria can only grow when pH is over 4. Hence, in a cleanser, a pH of 3.5 is likely ideal to help reduce bacterial growth. Acne sufferers have also been found to have abnormally high skin pH (2017 Prakash).

Artboard 3Detergent Irritation0.592.05Decyl GlucosideSodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)Cocamidopropyl Betaine2.59Irritation factor measured by HET-CAM

Compared to two of the most commonly used detergents, decyl glucoside is considered only slightly irritating, and one of the least irritating detergents on the market (2007 Mehling).

Acne regimen

1. Use Benzoil to get your acne under control, once under control switch to Night, keeping Benzoil as an occasional spot treatment.

2. Cleanse morning and evening using CLNS.

3. Cover & heal blemishes using CONS.