Day UV Protect Moisturizer
4:2:2:1 Lipid Complex

Day UV Protect Moisturizer
4:2:2:1 Lipid Complex

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It's being UV tested this year aiming for SPF 15-30, the perfect compliment to our Night lotion. We've chosen 9% 128 nm silane coated Zinc, as evidence indicates it presents the safest non-whitening option on the market.
Our 2% 4:2:2:1 ratio blend of cholesterol, linoleic, palmitic and ceramide 3 moisturizes by strengthening the skin barrier long term allowing for a light-weight formula. Vitamin C, B and E helps repair UV damage, even skin-tone and prevent blemishes.

  • Face & Body. All skin types
  • 75 day supply, $8/month (6 pumps/day)
  • 3 fl.oz (90 ml), pH 5.5
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great day cream

Easy to apply, soothes irritated skin and feels moisturizing. I have been able to use it during the winter, which I did not expect as my skin gets dry and patchy. An affordable favorite.

Amazing Day Moisturizer!

My long wait is over :) I been searching for a sunscreen that will protect my skin and won't break me out and here it is! It's not sticky, not oily and doesn't clog my pores! I'm so happy with product! I remember having clogged pores and hot flush on my face with other sunscreen...but this one is just amazing :) My skin is calm and doesn't look dull :) I will definitely re-purchase this!
Thank you so much The Skincare Company! keep it up!

More beneficial than expected

I was pleasantly surprised by this moisturizer (as I'm not a fan of most). This moisturizer felt nice to apply and didn't leave a white cast, blending evenly onto skin. It does have a slightly tacky feeling on, but I didn't mind it because a) I didn't feel like I needed any other products under or over it. My skin felt moisturized and protected using only this in the mornings and b) my foundation/concealer applies over it better than any other moisturizer I've used. Using this, my foundation went on very smoothly (patting it on) and doesn't sink into pores and look ugly. It stays put for hours. The texture of the product provides a nice barrier for the skin and a good base for makeup. I moisturize with oils at night, so I can't vouch for this product's moisturizing qualities used alone. I have not had any bad reactions to it yet (I'm very sensitive). I can't tell if it breaks me out because I was already breaking out lately, but they are starting to heal so I have hope it's helping.

Hi J! Thanks for your in-depth review! Excited to read it, the tacky feeling is from the zinc oxide, we've for now chosen to keep the formula a bit on the 'dry' side to not make it feel overly oily and as you've noticed it makes it easier to use with foundation.
Great products

Generally very happy about my Day and night creams. I will definitely keep using these products as they are both among the best Ive tested, as well as being affordable.


What sunscreen is safest for everyday use?
For occasional use, the choice between chemical and mineral sunscreen doesn't seem critical, but for every day use this changes. The safest choice seems to be large Zinc particles, but unfortunately at the cost of severe whitening. There's concern Zinc and Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles can accumulate in the skin causing UV induced toxicity, Zinc being the safer option. It's also shown that coating helps reduce reactivity, hence we've chosen 128 nm particle size silane coated ZnO as data indicaetes it's the long term safest non-whitening option there is (2011 Smijs). There's simply no non-whitening mineral sunscreen without nanoparticles.

Vitamins & Lipids help repair UV damage
This was proven by (2008 Beck), Niacinamide increases the synthesis of ceramides and keratinocyte differentiation (2000 Tanno). It strengthens the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss and has been shown to prevent acne over time (1995 Shalita). Acne sufferers have 2-3 times less linoleic acid in their skin (1976 Morello), and application of 2.5% linoleic acid for 4 weeks was shown to reduce comedone size 25% over 1 month (1998 Letawe). Can also be used as a normal or after-sun moisturizer.

4:2:2:1 Lipid Complex
Ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids decline ~1.25%/year from age 20 (1996 Rogers). Application of 0.02% Ceramide 3 can alone prevent 35% water loss after irritating the skin with SLS. (2008 Huang). The same amount of lipids in a similar ratio improved skin barrier recovery as measured by Trans Epidermal Water Loss 25-30% 6 hours after tape stripping and 15% on non-challenged skin (1997 Zettersten).

Anti-Aging Regimen

1. Use Day every morning to moisturize and protect your skin from the environment (SPF not yet determined).

2. Use Night in the evening as recommended on the bottle, the older you are the more often you should apply it.

3. Use SALIC twice a week in the evening to exfoliate.