0.25% Retinol Night Time Moisturizing Lotion 1 fl.oz
0.25% Retinol Night Time Moisturizing Lotion 1 fl.oz


Retinol & Niacinamide, natural forms of Vitamin A and B found in food, offer the most potent skin normalizing synergy in skincare. Niacinamide helps prevent the drying effects of Retinol by stimulating lipid synthesis. Both have significant effects on wrinkles, blemishes and skin tone through complimentary biochemical pathways leading to visibly younger and more even skin in as little as 1 to 2 weeks. 
Night is uniquely stabilized by Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin E the Air and UV-proof nitrogen flushed glass bottles. Each batch is analyzed for potency and we have proven long term stability.

  • Face, Under Eye Area & Hands
  • 50 day supply (3 pumps daily)
  • 1 fl.oz (30 ml), pH 5.5

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Niacinamide reduces the drying effect of Retinol by increasing moisture retention in the outermost layer of the skin and by strengthening the skin barrier through increased synthesis of ceramides and keratinocyte differentiation. Furthermore it helps even skin tone and prevent blemishes.
Both are stable at pH 6, where conversion of Retinol to Retinoic Acid is optimal .

Starting in July 2018, Custom Analytics, a FDA registered lab, verifies the Retinol concentration of each batch. Only pure Retinol has been extensively studied at ~10 mg/week or 20 pumps of Night. Avoid encapsulated or Retinol derivatives that make dosing a guessing game.

Batch 9715 Test Report

Retinol is very unstable, to avoid encapsulation and create a stable formula with at least 1 year shelf-life as shown by out stability study above.

1. Air/UV proof nitrogen flushed bottles
2. Oil based formula (Retinol is oil soluble)
3. Antioxidant Vitamin C and E blend.

Acne regimen

1. Use "Benzoil" every morning as a preventative acne or spot treatment.

2. Use "CLNS" our lactic acid cleanser formula every morning and evening.

3. Use "CONS", our high coverage redness reducing concealer to hide blemishes.