3% Benzoyl Peroxide & 2% Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Serum
3% Benzoyl Peroxide & 2% Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Serum


Benzoil is 12 hour rapid acting, yet gentle acne treatment. Patented Micro Milled Benzoyl Peroxide (3%) is the most effective acne agent available, Organic Alcohol makes it work ~30% faster against inflammatory lesions1. Castor oil helps mitigate  their drying effects and 2% Organic Tea Tree Oil aids long term efficacy2.

  •   Face & Body. Not for eye area or sensitive skin. May bleach fabrics 
  •   75 day supply (4 pumps 7 times/week)
  •   2 fl.oz (60 ml) pH 4


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1.5 um particles are 45x smaller than traditionally milled BP, enabling it to penetrate deeper into the skin and follicles, causing less drying and being more effective. 3% is proven to be equally or more effective over time than 10% due to having less irritation potential.

Tea Tree Oil has been used for blemished skin for decades, but in 2008 a study demonstrated that it was over time equally effective as Benzoyl Peroxide with even less side-effects.

Alcohol, when used sparingly, is not drying or damaging to he skin and has been proven to make inflammatory acne regress ~30% faster - a key feature of a spot treatment. It also acts as a natural preservative.

Acne regimen

1. "Benzoil" every morning as a preventative acne or spot treatment.

2. "CLNS" our lactic acid cleanser formula every morning and evening.

3. "Night", our Retinol & Niacinamide moisturizer, every evening after you've gotten your acne under control.